I coined a new term: “giamenemy”

giamenemy (n), 1. portmanteau of G.M. (General Manager) and enemy; e.g. “Lombardi’s giamenemy, Steve Tambellini, lied about the status of Gilbert Brule.” (pl., giamenemies).

I’m putting that in my dictionary, right next to the list of NHL GMs as verbs, as in, “Oh crap, I’ve been tambellinied!” “I really howsoned that guy,” “He just sat there burking at the draft table till it looked like he head would explode,” “don’t sather in a down market”, etc..


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  1. OneTimer
    July 4, 2012 at 7:06 PM

    Hilarious. I could see this working in the courtroom as well:
    “At this time your honor, the prosecution requests the witness lombardi her answer to previous question.”

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