King Parise?

As I tweeted a few hours ago, if the Parise market is indeed in the high $6MM AAV range (we keep hearing 12 years, $80MM-ish), that’s not outrageous for the Kings.

$80MM divided by 12 is $6.67, lower than Kopitar’s 6.8, lower than Doty’s 7. Even with Penner re-signing at $3.25MM, there’s room. How much room?

As of now, the Kings have $8.6MM in cap space for 2012-13, with 23 players signed. Obviously, not all of those 23 are going to be on the roster in the fall. Next summer, Quick gets $4MM more (AAV), Gagne, Penner and Scuderi can come off the books, and there are a number of RFAs due for raises (Voynov, Lewis, Loktionov, Clifford, Nolan…). And the year after that, Brown’s AAV gets doubled, but Mitchell and Greene can come off the books (and maybe Forbort, Deslauriers, Gravel, Hickey, or a cheaper option TBD can step up).

So I think, as it stands, Lombardi can pursue Parise to the limit of his actual interest, unencumbered by cap concerns. In fact, I would think Lombardi’s bigger concern with Parise is not the cap but the way a potential Parise contract would fit with the others. I don’t think he can get more than Kopitar or Doughty. And he can’t get more than what Brown will get in 2014.

If it were up to me (and it’s a good thing it’s not, because I probably would have traded Dustin Brown two years ago), I would offer Parise $6.75AAV for whatever silly number of years is necessary. Then, if Parise would rather play in Minnesota, Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, for not much more money, well — more power to him.

In which case, I hope he goes to our East Coast affiliate.


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  1. sstephen17
    July 3, 2012 at 9:01 AM

    If the Kings can get him at that cap hit, great. Obviously biased here but if Parise wants a Cup, the Kings are in the best position to get there, given their team make-up (age and cap wise). Personally, I think he’ll end up in Detroit. They’ve got a ton of cap space and have traditionally been a Cup contender.

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