Preds match: thoughts

Note to Elliotte Friedman and other chuckleheads who think Weber’s deal with Preds can’t be modified: It can. Only the “principal terms” (how much and when and for how long) can’t be altered.

Why on earth Nashville would give Weber a no-move clause now is another question. Frankly, I would be more inclined to send him to the AHL and leave him there. If they’ve got the money to burn, that is. (I’m kidding, by the way. Mostly.)

Many people keep saying “well, he wouldn’t have signed that offer sheet if he wouldn’t also be happy staying in Nashville.” I’m not so sure. That was a nuclear offer-sheet, and I think it was put together to guarantee that Nashville would not be able to match.



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  1. Garrett79
    July 24, 2012 at 4:48 PM

    I am inclined to think Philadelphia put that offer sheet together to keep Nashville from matching, but that Weber himself just took it because of all the up-front money and didn’t care that much which team he was going to play for. He had heard everything Poile was saying about matching and had to know especially after Suter left that there was no way Poile could backtrack on his promise. Unless Shea Weber is as stupid as he looks, but I don’t think that’s possible.

  2. Jack
    July 24, 2012 at 8:13 PM

    If Weber actually thought Nashville could not match, I don’t know what to say. Perhaps he got that impression in earlier negotiations, such as last year. I guess it shows to not underestimate the people with deep pockets who own sports teams, even if it’s minority owners with Nashville.

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