Price > Quick ?

$39MM, six years, $6.5MM AAV.

Canadiens sign Price to six-year extension –

The Montreal Canadiens have locked up goaltender Carey Price for the next six years.

Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin announced the signing at a press conference Monday.

Price played 65 games for the Canadiens last season. The two-time all-star posted a 26-28-11 record with a 2.43 goals-against average, a .916 save percentage and four shutouts.

In five seasons with the Canadiens, the native of Anahim Lake, B.C., has a 124-104-35 record with 16 shutouts, a 2.56 GAA and a .916 save percentage.

Price was drafted by Montreal in the first round, fifth overall, of the 2005 NHL draft.


  3 comments for “Price > Quick ?

  1. JB
    July 2, 2012 at 4:28 PM

    I think it’s fair enough. For one it’s Montreal so $ doesn’t mean as much. For teams like them, Toronto and others they need to spend up at the higher levels so really it becomes a matter of just to whom you allocate the pieces of the pie. Price is an elite goalie and as Puck Daddy points out maybe the tradeoff was more $ for less term. When this contract expires he’ll still be young and it’s manageable enough that he can be traded.

    So in 2-3 years when they haven’t won a cup and fans have totally turned on him for some other “fad” goalie prospect the team can ship him off. Other teams will take him knowing it’s just stupid Montreal fandom. Do I think Price is a leader that can deliver a cup? No.

  2. BringBackTheShieldJersey
    July 2, 2012 at 5:16 PM

    Compared to Quick, Price’s contract has a shorter term, lower total dollar payout. But it’s got higher cap hit and is almost as long, 6 years to Quick’s 7 (c’mon, the last three are throw away, cap-reducer, years). And Price has no Cup or Smythe, nor sniff of Vezina. Congrats to Price for getting himself overpaid.
    I also see Quick’s contract as sort of making up for being paid so low this year and next. It’s like management knew they owed him for underpaying him. I know it’s an ELC, but add his two contracts together–term and salary–14 years for about $63.82 million is $4.5 mil/year, total, for Jonathon Quick. Pretty damn reasonable.

    • Garrett79
      July 2, 2012 at 11:16 PM

      Quick is not on an ELC. He has played 5 years professionally. His ELC expired in 2010 and he re-signed for his current 3-year deal at $1.8 million per season.

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