Miss America has two boyfriends…

National PostKings goaltender Jonathan Bernier’s trade request not in his best interest

Jonathan Bernier severely hampered his already less-than-spectacular trade value when the young L.A. Kings goaltender’s trade request was made public. […] Not only has it been announced to one and all that he wants to leave,

I think what he said was that he wanted a chance to be a starting goalie somewhere. This is reasonable, and, given that he’s only played roughly 40 games over the last two seasons, kind of obvious.

he’s also cast some aspersions on his own character by wanting to depart a championship team immediately after its success,

You can’t really cast aspersions on yourself. But even if you could, I don’t see why wanting to leave a championship team is indicative of lower character than wanting to leave, say, the Columbus Blue Jackets. It’s easier to argue the opposite. It’s like saying a guy is even more of a cad for wanting to date other women after his girlfriend is crowned Miss America. In fact, maybe I should develop that metaphor a little more.

Miss California has two boyfriends, Jonathan Quick and you, Jonathan Bernier. She wants to date both and choose her steady boyfriend at some point in the future. She’s kind of leaning toward Quick. Then she wins Miss America. Then she marries Quick. But she would still like to pay you a visit every once in awhile. Not very often, but just when her new husband needs a rest. 

I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to go somewhere else. Especially since Miss America expects you to be faithful to her, even though she is married to another guy, a guy who is really athletic and has great stamina. And the argument, “hey, I’m Miss America, you should be so lucky as to be my back-up,” doesn’t really sweeten the deal.

Though I can see, from the reporter’s point of view, that he would like to be Miss America’s back-up.  That doesn’t mean Jonathan Bernier has to be happy about it.


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