Show your Parise love at the Pottery Barn/Crate & Barrel wedding registry

Zach Parise and fiancee Alisha Woods are getting married later this month, so Kings fans still have a few days to show their enthusiasm for the as-yet unsigned UFA and his soon-to-be wife. Many nice items (six-slice toaster, Cuisinart, mixer, hand towels) still available — though I noticed several items listed with “desired: 0 ; purchased: 1.” How rude.

Woods/Parise Wedding Registry

  • Garrett79

    Zach Parise to his friends and family: “I know I make many many millions of dollars a year and I’m about to sign a contract that will pay me as much as $100,000,000 over the next decade or so, but please buy me an $8 can opener as a wedding present.”

  • Bob Knob

    Quisp is a creeper.