Woods/Parise Wedding (ctd)

Yes, I posted the wedding registry as a joke (“Kings fans lure UFA with wedding gifts”), but I now have a kind of serious point. I did not know that Zach Parise was getting married on July 21, 2012. That’s in 18 days. The kid is essentially getting married right f***ing now. He’s got bigger things on his mind than hurrying up with his UFA decision. He should take all summer.

Well, that would be extreme, I guess. But, really, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say this is the biggest month of his life. So when he says the money is but a small part of his decision making process — this ain’t Kovalchuk — I believe him.

(It’s probably good for him that, on top of all of that, he doesn’t also have the burden of lugging the cup around. Next summer?)


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