ESPN: American TV Neglected the Saddest Story in the Olympics

ESPN Radio: American TV Neglected the Saddest Story in the Olympics

Monday, in the women’s fencing epee semifinal match between Britta Heidemann of Germany and Shin A Lam of South Korea, Lam led with one second left on the clock. All she had to do was not be touched in that one second and she would be advancing to the gold medal match. Unfortunately for Shin, the clock never started after the referee signaled to restart the match, giving Heidemann more than one second to land the winning touch.

Incensed, the Korean team paid to file an appeal of the decision, while Shin had to sit on the playing surface, known as a piste, to indicate that she did not accept the decision of the judges. She was there for over a half hour, with much of that time spent in tears, before the appeal was denied.

Shin remained on the piste [and had to be] removed by security. She was then sent into the bronze medal match shortly after and, understandably still distraught, was defeated by China’s Yujie Sun. Shin should have been fencing for gold, but left empty handed.

Since the incident, it has come out that the timekeeper for the event was a 15 year old British volunteer.

[…] Shin has been offered a “consolation medal” by the IOC […]. […] Shin […] turned it down.

This was a riveting story and […] would have been perfect for primetime television. However, it wasn’t swimming, diving, gymnastics or beach volleyball and didn’t directly involve an American, so NBC [didn’t cover it].

Lucky for us that kind of thing would never happen in the NHL.


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  1. JamesFlagg
    August 10, 2012 at 3:10 PM

    Tough break, seems like something that could rectified by a replay of the final second – with an adult timekeeper, hopefully…..Shin has a legitimate beef, unlike the whining Canadian soccer players, who got a bad call but failed overcome it despite getting almost 45 minutes of additional playing time to do so…..

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