Newspaper? What’s a newspaper?

This isn’t a sports story but it may as well be. LA Times’ Patrick Goldstein Writes Last Column

[…] Longtime Los Angeles Times movie columnist Patrick Goldstein decided to take a buyout rather than work for the new leadership at the newspaper announced earlier this year. “He felt there was no more future for him there. It was obvious since all the new people think about is driving web traffic. They’re trying to put everyone to work doing that,” my source says. Wednesday’s edition of the LAT is Goldstein’s last column for that media outlet. No public announcement was made, and my source says about the lack of any explanation, “part of his going away deal is that he can’t disparage the new leadership”.

Goldstein’s thoughtful and knowledgeable and deeply sourced column […] was one of the few remaining reasons left to read Calendar these days. But over the years he resisted many attempts to turn him into a daily Internet reporter. His resignation follows Editor Davan Maharaj’s arrival and then a new entertainment editorial team announced June 20th. That was like moving deck chairs on the Titanic given that the newspaper has become lazy and irrelevant and its showbiz ads have fallen 25% every year as studio and theater chains abandon the publication.

[…] In 2007 he was the subject of an editorial flap when the paper’s then Calendar top dog killed one of his columns. In what now seems prescient, Goldstein told me at the time, “I love working at a newspaper, especially this one, but if we don’t start embracing change in a big way, there won’t be great jobs like the one I have much longer.”


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  1. USHA#17
    August 22, 2012 at 8:49 PM

    I was in LA for the day and bought an LA Times to read at breakfast. Pulled it from the machine and it was so thin that I checked to be sure all the sections were present.

    Three good articles in the front. Two good articles in the breaking section. Lots of great advertising in the sports…almost no writing. The comics and done.

    In the 60s & 70s a pillar of greatness. In the 21st Century a rag.

    • August 23, 2012 at 9:52 AM

      And it’s all on line for free.

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