Did the NHL ask the IIHF to block NHLPA players from playing in Europe?

Yakupov, NHL players facing IIHF transfer card controversy in Europe | Puck Daddy

As the NHL locked out its players, Nail Yakupo […] agreed to a contract with the local KHL team, Neftekhimik. […] But […] the IIHF is refusing to issue Yakupov’s transfer card to the KHL club. […]

An IIHF transfer card is needed for any player participating in any tournament under the IIHF umbrella [including] the KHL and every hockey league in Europe […].

[…]  Neftekhimik director Rafik Yakubov [said,] “[…] Perhaps the international hockey federation doesn’t want to feud with the NHL and is waiting when they receive an approval from there. […]”


The NHL is not a member of the IIHF, but has a great deal of power bossing the international governing body around. Rene Fasel rarely goes against NHL’s wishes […]. […] [A]pparently Yakupov is not the only one without the transfer card. Czech media outlets are reporting that none (!) of the NHL players who have signed deals in Europe in the last few days have received their transfer cards. Not Jaromir Jagr nor Evgeni Malkin nor Sergei Gonchar nor Ilya Kovalchuk.


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