Hey, Dean (Luc, Tim, Mrs. A…), it’s (probably) not too late to do the right thing

The names may not be engraved on the cup yet. You might possibly still be able to change the list and put Andrei Loktionov’s name on.

Here is a comment by Niesy, promoted from the “Loktionov Omission is Unconscionable” post.

This is an org that is supposedly all about “We love each other, there are no egos, everyone respects everyone else’s role” — and going to bat to waive the game limit rule for Drewiske and Westgarth would fit with that, but ONLY if you include Loktionov too. He made contributions to the season, and was injured in a playoff game. Heck, he was IN a playoff game. It’s a terrible lack of respect.

What kind of message does that send? You don’t matter, everyone else does.

I’m ashamed of them. There is no excuse.

  • JamesFlagg

    Yeah, the wife of the ultimate absentee owner getting a spot over anyone who actually worked for the organization seems to be a gross injustice….for an organization that seemed to be doing all the right things, this is a big step back…..

  • USHA#17

    As James points out even Nancy got her name on the cup. Kind weird. Hope this doesn’t turn in another goat or stick curse.

  • Tyfighter77

    HE’S ON! Tacked on at the end of the otherwise alphabetical list of players. I put my foot in my mouth over on Insider complaining about it right after someone posted an updated photo where his name had been added. But who cares. HE’S ON! I can enjoy it without acid in my throat finally!