POLL: who else should get his name on the cup?

The Kings are allowed up to 52 names on the cup. Twenty-two players qualified by playing 41 or more regular season games or at least one game in the Finals. That leaves 30 spots, at most. I’m not aware of any limitations on which non-player personnel are eligible (other than, as the Oilers learned awhile back, the owner’s dad doesn’t count as personnel).

I put together a list of the players who didn’t meet the games-played criterion, plus a fairly exhaustive list of non-player personnel. There’s more than 40 names here (I lost count). Only 30 can make it.

Who do you think is deserving? You can vote for up to 30.

  • pautna

    Ha ha! Rich Hammond, that’s funny to me. It reminds me of the pic of him on the Kings home page, holding the cup above his head. He doesn’t look very objective at that point! But who can blame him!?!?

  • BringBackTheShieldJersey

    Jack Johnson. I don’t know if it’s allowed, but he helped win us some games, including win #1 in Europe. Bernie Nicholls. The two guys I would really fight for to get their names on the Cup are Drewiske (whom I’m a big fan of) and Westgarth (whom I’m no fan of). They’ve been with the team all year, went to every practice, made every road trip, did public appearances; they deserve it.

  • JamesFlagg

    So, Bernier makes it as the backup goalkeeper, although he didn’t meet the regular season or Finals qualification ?

    • Stuv

      Suiting up to be the back up goalie counts as a regular season game (he was on the roster), so he qualified normally.

      • JamesFlagg

        Thanks for the clarification.