We’re all Habs fans now

According to infallible Twitter, the Montreal Canadiens have issued (filed? I don’t know what the legal term is) a cease and desist order to prevent the NHL from locking out players. It appears that the NHLPA is not an officially registered union in Quebec, and under Quebec law an employer can’t lock out employees who are not represented by a union.

I wonder when the Habs figured this out. I don’t remember any such maneuver back in 2004.

But I have a question: aren’t the Habs actually issuing a cease and desist order to themselves here? I mean, the Montreal Canadiens are part of the NHL; the Habs owners are part of the “NHL owners” who are threatening a lock-out. To what degree does this represent a serious divide among the owners?

What’s the Canadien equivalent of the Supreme Court?

  • m_and_m

    I thought it was the NHL owners that were doing the locking out.

  • BringBackTheShieldJersey

    Does this mean the whole issue will be heard and decided by the Queen of England? I have my doubts whether she’s familiar with the sport of hockey.

    • Kings of Hockeywood

      She must be familiar with it! She watched every single original Jets home game in history!

  • Kings of Hockeywood

    The Canadian equivalent of the Supreme Court is, wait for it, the Supreme Court.

  • Nut

    It’s the Canadiens players who filed against the team and the league

  • https://www.icloud.com/ DougS

    Wait…. You mean the NHLPA isn’t considered a union under Quebec law?

    • https://www.icloud.com/ DougS

      Oops. Just re-read the post. Wonder if the NHLPA deliberately left that backdoor open in case of just such a situation.

  • Lucas Burdick

    Looks like it’s actually the PA that’s doing it:


  • https://twitter.com/FlubberMcGee Flubber McGee

    The Montreal Canadiens vs. the Montreal Canadiens is going to get awfully old after a while…