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Kings’ David Courtney Passes Away

Well, that’s just horrible. LA Public Address Announcer David Courtney Passes Away: LAist. According to the Los Angeles Kings, public address announcer David Courtney, 54, died. The cause of death has not been disclosed. […] Courtney’s last tweet occurred on Wednesday when he told a follower that he was waiting to undergo an angiogram.  


Back when Doughty was holding out, I made a spreadsheet — unpublished until now — projecting the growth of his retirement nest egg until Doughty’s ultimate retirement from the NHL at age 100, his consciousness long since having been uploaded into a robot. Here is that spreadsheet:

My love for NHL hockey is not unconditional

In fact, it’s entirely dependent on access. If it’s there, I love it and follow it in absurd, time-consuming detail. And during the summer, I continue to attend to every delicious off-season detail. But if the league — not some natural disaster or other act of God, but the league itself — chooses to cease operation, I have no…

I Don’t Care How You’re Doing in Europe

I derive great satisfaction from following prospects, especially Kings’ prospects, playing in other leagues. But it turns out I don’t care at all how established NHL players are doing while playing in other leagues. Aside from an over-riding concern that everyone stays healthy for that distant day when the NHL returns, I don’t have an…

Gary Bettman is either (a) incompetent or (b) evil

Choice A: Why the NHL needs to rid themselves of Gary Bettman – Grantland The case against Bettman in one sentence: The NHL sacrificed an entire season so they could reimagine their entire salary structure … and only seven years later, that “reimagining” went so poorly that they might have to sacrifice a second season…

Yes, the NHL is a banana republic

If you ask for remedies to fix a broken economy, and get everything you want (2004), and then revenues explode to historic levels of more than $3 billion, and you say YOUR ECONOMY IS STILL BROKEN, then — well — YOU SUCK AT YOUR JOB. Or you’re a thief (see kleptocracy, below).

[POLL] Biased take on Roenick vs. Marleau

Well, Jeremy Roenick is an ex-King, so I am biased. In favor of Marleau. Marleau: “Just because I don’t jump up and down acting like a buffoon on the ice doesn’t mean I’m not into it” | ProHockeyTalk On Tuesday, the Sharks forward responded to critiques in Roenick’s new book by saying allegations of him…