Is the Winter Classic cancelled, or canceled?

In the United States, it’s canceled. In Great Britain — and I assume in Canada — it’s cancelled. Similarly, in the U.S., we are worried about the cancelation of the entire season. In Canada, they are worried about cancellation. 

This should not be one of those “both are correct” situations. The Associated Press manual says it’s one L here, and two up there. It’s also not correct to colour with crayons, or join a labour union — unless you’re a subject of the realm.

  • jewelsfromthecrown

    My Brit spelling habits were picked up early, and aren’t subject to cancellation.

    My feeling is that if dictionaries can add “LOL,” we can all handle “cancelled” or “grey.”

    • Quisp

      Well, it’s probably a losing battle anyway, since there really is no “Canada” or “U.S.” There is only the internet, so we may as well get used to it.