McSorley’s Stick has best winning percentage of all Kings’ blogs

Since we opened the doors on April 2, 2012, the Kings have posted a record of 17-4-2 (1-0-2 in the regular season and 16-4 in the playoffs) for a winning percentage of .783. We expect no less when hockey returns.

  • jewelsfromthecrown

    Never forget, you pictured last summer’s rosiest scenario.

    • Quisp

      I already forgot. What did I say?

      • jewelsfromthecrown

        You had a numbered list for your departure in April. One bullet point was something like “And then if all goes well, the Kings win the Stanley Cup”

        • jewelsfromthecrown

          Yup! Found it. March 12th.

          “5. I leave and open the new blog. you announce the transition and the new faces.

          6. we enjoy the playoffs and win the cup.”

          You should make these lists more often.