You know what? **** it. I’m enjoying the new (no) NHL

It’s like they just added more hours to the day, and several thousand dollars to my bank account. And I’m not missing anything, so I don’t feel bad. You guys just take your time, whatever you “need,” to solve your “problems,” and send me an email when you’re ready. Don’t give me some half-assed half season though. Work it out by next summer, or wait till the following summer, whatever. And I’ll see if I have any time for you when you get back.


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  1. USHA#17
    November 26, 2012 at 8:32 AM

    Yeah. Funny how things work out. Can barely remember what half the teams looks like. Was boarding a plane last week with Matt Greene and some other King. Think I was the only one to notice. Really didn’t feel like saying, “Hi, great job, you played out of this world! I’d waited 30 years, thanks. Enjoyed it almost as much as you”. So I just walked on by. That will teach ‘em!

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