Kings fans are used to six months off between seasons

Usually, the summer break starts in the beginning of April and goes until the second week of October. Since our break started two months late — mid-June — we would only be getting to the end of our usual time off about now, mid-December.

So we should really start feeling it about now.

  • USHA#17

    Hopefully my monthly cable bill will drop.

    • Dan H.

      Not likely since they have to pay for the Lakers channel whether you watch basketball or not :|

  • Token

    We get to skip the 12-3 super hot start, followed by the 3-12 Brown and Kopi slump. Nothing to see here.

    • USHA#17

      Unfortunately wimps like Kesler, the Sundins and other pesky opponents won’t get their normal ration of regular season beatings which are required if they are to be ineffective in the playoffs.