COL 3, LAK 1 — Post-Game Bullets (game 2)

  • I suppose we’ll be seeing Simon Gagne in place of Dustin Penner in Edmonton. 
  • Jeff Carter made several weak passes. Justin Williams, at least one.
  • Jake Muzzin looked pretty good. There was one shaky shift.
  • Once again, the fourth line was best.
  • Kyle Clifford, Colin Fraser, Jordan Nolan — all +1.
  • Clifford, with a goal in the game and two assists in the opener, leads the team in points.
  • Nolan is second in points, with 2.
  • Scuderi, Martinez and Greene each have 1 point. Everyone else has 0.
  • Trevor Lewis once again led the team with 4 shots, and made a great save, too.
  • NHL Network just accidentally called Quick “Johnny Glove.”
  • The big guns were a non-factor.
  • Dwight King, Jarret Stoll and Lewis were all even in plus/minus.
  • Drew Doughty and Rob Scuderi were -1. The rest of the D were even.
  • Doughty missed his assignment on the second rebound-off-the-boards goal.
  • Kopitar failed to clear the puck, leading to a goal.
  • Penner coughed it up inside the blue line, leading to another.
  • Quick was better than in game 1.
  • But his numbers still suck. 4.10 GAA, .849 SV%.
  • Over two games, Brown and Richards are a team low -4.
  • The fourth line is a team high +4.
  • Kopitar, Gagne and Stoll have a combined 1 shot.
  • Kings are 0 for 10 (I think it’s 10, it’s definitely 0) on the power play.
  • PK was good though.
  • I wonder if Sutter will scratch both Penner and Carter in favor of Richardson and Gagne. I can picture it. Not sure I would do it. But I can picture it. (I might do it.)
  • I think I would also return Bodnarchuk and recall Tyler Toffoli. Then let him play for whichever millionaire winger isn’t getting it done. Keep them honest.
  • Kings lost their first two games back in ’08, en route to a 5th overall draft pick. They haven’t lost the first three, going back at least as far as ’88.
  • Rich Clune got in a fight in the NAS/MIN game. Glad to see he’s playing.
  • NHL Network just said “Davis Drewsky.”
  • Yeah, I’d also play Jonathan Bernier in the next game.

  3 comments for “COL 3, LAK 1 — Post-Game Bullets (game 2)

  1. Kings of Hockeywood
    January 22, 2013 at 11:33 PM

    I’m kinda seeing the love/hate relationship the fans in Philadelphia had with Jeff Carter.

    • USHA#17
      January 24, 2013 at 8:25 AM

      In fairness, the D is not what it might be. Penner always sucks early season…as far back as the Ducks. I just can’t see Gagne playing or how he would make a difference…I like him but never saw him as a good fit for LA’s style.

      Toffoli? Will take Quisp’s word for it. An idea but its still early and the Kings still have a bit of adjustment ahead with the absence of Greene and Mitchell.

      Carter wasn’t too bad in game 1, same seemed true for Penner (but please, no more of the blue line stuff…saw too much of it last year).

      Season picked up where it left off…one mistake and its in the net.

  2. Kings of Hockeywood
    January 22, 2013 at 11:34 PM

    After being one of the Kings’ best forwards in the first game, Penner sure sucked tonight. I would also expect him to be scratched Thursday. I’d put Gagne with Kopi and Brown and move Williams to a line with Richards and Carter. So far the top 6 has been terrible so maybe a minor shakeup like that will help.

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