Who ARE these guys? What do they WANT? [Preview #2 – COL]

  • Who are they? Colorado Avalanche
  • What do they want? Make the playoffs.
  • What is their ****ing problem? No injuries, but Ryan O’Reilly is still in the KHL.
  • What, are we supposed to be scared? Since the Kings haven’t won yet, and are without Matt Greene and Willie Mitchell…yeah, a little.
  • I thought we were friends! ex-Avs: Brad Richardson; ex-Kings: Adam Deadmash (Avs’ player development coach), Eric Lacroix (Avs’ VP of Hockey Ops).
  • Bob Miller’s Nightmare: Shane O’Brien v. Ryan O’Byrne v. Ryan O’Reilly (v. Ryan Wilson); Matt Duchene v. Steve Duchesne; Joe Sacco v. Joe SakicMishap risk: elevated.
  • Yeah, well, wait till they get a load of: Anze Kopitar and Jake Muzzin, first games of the season.

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  1. January 22, 2013 at 3:12 PM

    Bob Miller’s Nightmare is brilliant. You can create an entire site out of that one.

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