2/5/13 – Game Day Notes

  • The Kings are 14th in the conference in the official standings, 2 points ahead of last place Calgary.
  • My points-blown standings have the Kings tied for 8th (8 points-blown), along with the Oilers and Flames.
  • In points-blown, the Kings are one point behind 6th place Nashville and Detroit, and two behind 5th place Vancouver.
  • The Kings have the third worst goal-differential in the conference, at -7.
  • The Kings have the lowest ROW (regulation or OT win, excludes shoot-out wins) in the conference, with 1.
  • The Kings have the second highest goals-against average in the league, when a game is “close” (close = within one goal in the first two periods, or tied in the third or OT).
  • This, despite the fact that they have the fourth lowest shots-against average when a game is “close.”
  • So, when a game is close, the Kings allow nearly the fewest shots in the league, and nearly the most goals.
  • When a game is close, the Kings are second best in the league at missing the net with their shots. 
  • When a game is close, the Kings are 23rd in missed-shots allowed.
  • In other words, other teams aren’t shooting wide against the Kings, but the Kings are shooting wide a lot.
  • Power-play is fourth worst, at 10.8%.
  • Kings have scored 4 goals in the first period,  8 in the second, and 3 in the third. That’s one goal from league-worst in the first period, and league-worst in the third. Middle of the pack in the second.
  • Kyle Clifford is 8th in the league in PTS/60 (points per 60 minutes of 5-on-5 ice-time).
  • Jake Muzzin leads the Kings in +-/60 (plus-minus per 60 minutes of ice-time), at 3.03. He’s followed by Gagne, Nolan, Clifford and Drewiske, who are all clustered around 1.0.
  • Mike Richards has the lowest +-/60 on the team, at -4.79. Followed closely by Dustin Brown and Dustin Penner.
  • Brian Boyle is 5th in the league in hits, with 31. Kyle Clifford and Jarret Stoll each have 28. Nolan has 22. Lewis has 21. Brown has 19.
  • In four games, Thomas Hickey has the lowest GA/60 among Islanders defensemen. He’s getting about 10 minutes of ice-time per game.

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