And with that, Nashville clinches season series win against Kings

  • Preds are now +3 in points vs. the Kings, with one game left. Head-to-head tie-breaker goes to Nashville.
  • I like Nashville’s gold jerseys.
  • Kings are now dead last in the West in points. Dead. Last.
  • You might be happier if you look at the points-blown standings. In points-blown, Kings are one point out of 8th. That’s not terrible.
  • Aside from Columbus, who apparently are truly terrible, the Kings have the lowest goal-differential in the West.
  • Looks like Brown or Williams missed his assignment on the first goal.
  • Carter blew his coverage on the second goal.
  • Nice power-play goal by Nashville on the third one. Took all of 5 seconds.
  • Bring up Toffoli and start benching millionaires. Maybe bring up Pearson, too.
  • And start playing Bernier. Just because.

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