Kings Wings Blues Blings Klues Wues Preview recap whatever the Kings suck

  • Going back to the arrival of Gretzky (1988), the Kings have had fewer than 8 points after ten games only once.  In 2009 (the year we finished fifth from last and drafted Brayden Schenn).
  • Since 1988, the Kings had 8 points after ten games five times.
  • They made the playoffs once out of those five. 2001-2002. (So I guess that’s the first bit of good news?)
  • The Kings are currently in 14th place, second to last, in both the official and in my points-blown standings.
  • However, in points-blown, they are only 2 points-blown out of 7th place. (So that’s the second bit of good news.)
  • The Kings have the worst 5-on-5 save-percentage in the league.
  • Mike Richards and Jeff Carter are 2nd and 4th overall in the league in QUALCOMP (quality of competition), among players who have played at least 5 games.
  • Drew Doughty and Rob Scuderi are 6th and 7th in the league in QUALCOMP among defensemen, among players with more than 5 games.
  • Alec Martinez is close behind at 14th.
  • Lewis, Stoll, Fraser and Nolan have the lowest QUALCOMP on the Kings.
  • Lewis, Stoll, Fraser, King and Brown have the highest QUALTEAM (quality of teammates) on the Kings.
  • Looking at QUALCOMP and QUALTEAM together, Lewis, Stoll and Fraser have the most protected minutes, easiest matchups, best teammates. But I thought Stoll was a checking center! Oh, right.
  • I would also point out that Richards and Carter are taking the lion’s share of the tough assignments. So factor that into Richards’ apparently unspectacular performance so far.
  • Yes, he didn’t look good against Detroit, with a new line and apparently weak matchups.
  • Bernier in net tonight.

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