Score, Loktionov!

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 6.46.12 PM…a third period game-tying goal, in tonight’s game against the Caps. Matt Moulson has 2 goals in the Islanders’ game against Montreal. Thomas Hickey appears to be on his way to 15-16 minutes of TOI in that game. Hickey is near the top in QUALCOMP (toughest competition) among Isles’ defensemen, and near the bottom in GAON/60 (goals-against per 60 minutes 5on5).


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  1. Mike Dickerson
    February 21, 2013 at 8:21 PM

    Quisp, long-time fellow Kings’ fan (BringBackTheShieldJersey, for some reason can’t comment with this name on this site). For a long time you’ve been a source of reason. You’ve got your favorite players (which is cool), areas of interest/knowledge (all things cap- and cba-related), and ideas (points blown). But now you’re coming across more and more as bitter. Clearly, everything Loktionov-related more than bothered you, it seems quite personal. That the Kings (DL in particular) crossed a moral line that is making it hard for to, I don’t know, fully support the team. I get it. I never comment on LAKI after the way Rich was forced out (yeah I know, he quit). Some part of the emotional relationship has been damaged. And few bitched more than me about Moulson leaving (although you’re playing both sides on this one now, as you have repeatedly written about how there was no place for Moulson to play). And that TM was bad, if not horrible, at developing/using skill players and stuck with the knuckle-draggers for too long, forgoing a “kid-line” for some shit combination of a 4th line. I’m just saying I get it. So be careful; I worry.

    • February 21, 2013 at 9:56 PM

      heh. I was all set to read the scolding at the end.

    • February 21, 2013 at 9:58 PM

      Did you register with Disqus? You ought to be able to use whatever name you want…

      I appreciate your reaction to my reaction to the Loktionov snub and trade. I’m not bitter, though I am sad that Loktionov is gone, and bewildered that he was left off the cup. I have been, since the beginning, the biggest Lombardi supporter there is — to the point that I have more than a few times been accused of actually being Lombardi, in addition to the accusations of Lombardi “mouthpiece,” “stooge,” “apologist” etc.. So when I say that the Loktionov situation smells funny, I say it from that place. It is a question mark if not black mark on Lombardi’s record.

      Re Moulson, I always said I understood why he was allowed to leave. I’m sure those comments are still in the Inside the Kings archives somewhere. Over time, I may be becoming less charitable though, since Moulson, Purcell, Moller and Loktionov are all somewhere else. The latter two are still unproven, of course. But it’s too bad we don’t have Moulson and Purcell’s 50-60 goals, instead of, oh I don’t know, Gagne and Stoll? Others would probably substitute Penner, or Williams. Either way.

      Hey, we won the cup. That soothes a lot of wounds. And, sad as it is to say, leaving Loktionov’s name off (and to a lesser extent, Terry Murray’s) makes winning the thing less than perfect, for me anyway.

      The other piece of the Loktionov thing, that you may or may not be missing here, is that I think there’s a story underneath it. Lombardi is all about loyalty. What happened for him to go out of his way to diss Loktionov in this very public and permanent manner? It’s a legitimate question for which no credible answer has been provided.

      • Stan254
        February 21, 2013 at 11:28 PM

        From LAKI on September 29th regarding Loktionov and the Cup:

        Then there’s Andrei Loktionov, who did not automatically qualify to have his
        name on the Cup. The Kings did not petition the league to have him included on
        their list, apparently because they knew his chances were quite slim.
        Personally, I would have tried to petition for him, but it’s true that his
        chances wouldn’t have been good. In 2010-11, Steven Kampfer played 38
        regular-season games for Boston (one fewer than Loktionov last season). The
        Bruins petitioned the league to include him and they were denied. The Kings were
        able to petition to get the names of Davis Drewiske and Kevin Westgarth on the
        Cup, because they were a part of the team for the entire season. That makes
        sense to me. By being around the team all year, by working during (and long
        after) practices and by being supportive, popular teammates, they did more to
        assist the team than Loktionov. I understand that’s a subjective opinion, and I
        still would have at least tried the petition for Loktionov, but this doesn’t
        rise to the level of unforgivable sin.
        Entire article:

      • drew sackheim
        February 22, 2013 at 3:21 PM

        Quisp, I think by now you know how I feel about it. You put it beautifully. Winning the cup soothes many wounds. That said, I have to confess to still not being sold on the teams drafting philosophy if that’s what one calls it.

        Literally….. literally, without exception, every ‘skill oriented’ forward that they’ve acquired as a free agent or drafted… not one, has been able to find a place on the team (to be clear… I’m only talking about forwards here).

        It’s a pretty long list. Moulson, Purcell, Loktionov, Moller. The flip side of that is players who have more ‘jam’ in their game. King, Nolan, Clifford, Lewis, Penner and of course the guys he’s brought in as pick ups. Ethan Moreau, Trent Hunter. I mean… HELLO!!

        Even one sweet pickup who comes in and scores 18 goals. That would quiet me.

        I don’t know what he has against a player like (for ex.) Carl Hagelin. I’m sure there are a bunch of guys out there who are available when he’s drafting. Look how good Adam Henrique is!! He was a third round pick. Lombardi seems to have such a focus on ‘jam’ that it seems to really limit him. FIne….. I know they drafted Toffoli. I’ll believe that that works when I see it. And that’s the very least I think one can expect after having guided them thru seven drafts (started in 2002). Geez. That was also a problem for Dave Taylor. It wasn’t until the very end that he finally drafted Brown and Kopi. Again, that came right at the end of his time. Frustrating. That’s why the Kings are still so challenged offensively.

        One can pat DL on the back all we want, but truth is that he made the deal for Carter as his back was literally (as documented by Leiweke’s creed that they had to make the playoffs) up against a wall. If that’s what it takes to bring in someone who has a touch around the net then it’s not entirely convincing.

        Still I hold hope that either Toffoli or Pearson will prove to be a bonafide first line winger.

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