Sports fan voodoo is b.s. of course, but there’s no way the Kings win this game

  • I understand that the superstitions of sports fans actually have no effect on the outcome of games.
  • In 2012, the Kings won every playoff game which I DVR-ed and watched later (or missed the beginning of the game and watched it later), and lost all four which I watched entirely live in real-time.
  • I know for a fact the Kings won the cup because I purposely skipped the beginning of game 6 of the finals, even though I was just sitting in front of the turned-off TV doing nothing.
  • The Kings swept the Blues in the playoffs.
  • Halak is returning today for his first game of the season.
  • The Kings have to win this game in order to avoid having the worst record after 11 games going back at least till 1988 and maybe farther back than that, but I haven’t looked.
  • To me, this adds up to certain defeat.
  • I will do my part by skipping the first period, while actually sitting in front of the TV doing nothing.
  • But I fear my sports voodoo spell, so powerful last playoffs, has worn off.
  • Sort of like the Kings.
  • Token

    Looks like you are on tape delay for the rest of the season!