54 Points, and Who’s Doomed by Points-Blown

  • Even having lowered my presumed playoff threshold to 54 points, there are several teams now on the verge of oblivion. 
  • I indicate those teams in the points-blown standings with the color red.
  • They are PHX, NAS, CBJ and COL. And DAL and EDM are ready to join them.
  • The column to consider is the one labeled “to 54,” which shows the record needed for each team to get to 54 points.
  • The Kings need a record of 8-9-2.
  • The six probably doomed teams need to play at least 6 games above .500, e.g. 12-6-0 (both PHX and CBJ).
  • Could that happen? Sure. But no more than one of those teams is likely to be able to pull it off. Right now, only Columbus is playing at anywhere near that level (7-0-3 in their last ten games).
  • Meanwhile, at the top of the league, ANA and CHI are now separated by one measly point-blown.
  • CGY have played 2 or 3 fewer games than everyone else. That explains why they’re 14th in the official standings, but I have them at 9th.
  • If we lived in a world with ties and no OT, the Kings would be much closer to the Hawks and Ducks. Respective “old-school” records: 16-10-3 (LAK); 16-3-10 (ANA); 16-3-11 (CHI).
  • The column OSP shows every team’s record if we still had ties.
  • Depending on how the Kings do tonight, they are either 2 or 4 points ahead of the pace I said they needed in this post, back when they had sucked the first couple of weeks of the season.

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