Canucks: Pre-Game Quickie

  • Kings and Canucks are tied in points, points-blown, and win-percentage.
  • Kings have 16 ROWs; Canucks have 12. ROWs is the first tie-breaker.
  • Canucks are ahead in the season series by 2 points. Today is the final game in the series. The Kings can neutralize that tie-breaker with a regulation win.
  • The Kings won the first game against the Canucks this year. But it didn’t count in the season series.
  • As of today, the chances of playing Vancouver in the first round are 16%, roughly the same as Minnesota and Detroit. St. Louis is the most likely, at about 25%.
  • If you forget about Chicago and Anaheim, the rest of the West is separated by 10 points and 10 points-blown. No one is out of it.

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