• Rod Rounke

    Me love you long time.

  • jmsalsa

    There’s no more money for ANYONE ELSE!!!!

  • Shaddow44

    I can’t quit you.

  • https://twitter.com/paulwellar Paul Wellar

    You can’t squeeze that extra money I got out of me!

  • Greg O’Kane

    We cost the Ducks a $17 million cap hit starting next year. A fool and its money are easily parted.

  • jet

    Caaannn yoo seee iii? Izzz dee puck iiin thaaair?

  • bbb7

    “I tell you, I’m sure the puck went down there. Look closer!”

  • Duncanz

    I’ll bet you fancy a little 69 Mil right after this!!!

  • JZarris

    Ahh! You’re pinching my left nut!

  • Choralone

    I vill break you.

  • Kingnation13

    No! No! No! The Stanley Cup Champs are coming up fast.