Guess what? The Jets ARE the Thrashers

The Strangest One Of All: Cant [sic] Jet From The Past

[…] there are many people who still refer to the Winnipeg Jets as the Atlanta Thrashers, mostly for their craptastic playing style and their streakiness […]. It makes me wonder why this has been such a wide-spread thing and how come other teams weren’t given as much flack […]. For instance, you didnt see people rag on the Avalanche for playing like the old Nordiques, but they had the benefit of […] winning the Stanley Cup their first year in Denver, which almost all but erased the Nordiques from their history…..literally.

You mean figuratively. Even then, I remember continuing to think of the Avalanche as the Nordiques for several years. And it’s still helpful, even important, to keep the Avs’ history in mind, especially since it impacted their cup win so profoundly. Remember the trade where the Avs got Forsberg? Neither do I.

The Stars and the Hurricanes dont get the look back at the North Stars and Whalers, but both have won a Cup and both really have a lot of different cogs from when they moved to Dallas and Raleigh.

The Thrashers moved to Winnipeg two years ago. 

Hell, even the Phoenix Coyotes dont draw the parallels to the old Winnipeg Jets, unless it was to bring up the past of the franchise never making it past the 1st round of the playoff for the longest time, until last season.

Exactly. Or when Selanne comes to town, or when looking to the rafters to see the retired numbers from the Jets era.

But what makes these new Jets the target of the relocation fodder??

I think it’s that they just relocated.

Is it due to many of the parts from the Thrashers still being there or is it due to so many people being connected and it living on by a word being spoken, thus triggering a memory??

Yes, it’s triggering the memory that THEY ARE THE THRASHERS. THE NEW JETS ARE THE THRASHERS. THEY ARE THE SAME TEAM. How were the Jets doing three seasons ago? Did they “not exist?” No, they were the Thrashers. You act like it’s triggering a false memory.

It could be all of it or none of it, but its hard for these Jets to actually get a true identity with the Thrashers comparison looming over them. Even with their local writers comparing them to their former selves, its hard for them to avoid it.

They have a true identity. They were an expansion team that started in Atlanta and moved to Winnipeg.

[…] While True North Sports and Entertainment may have a path they want to take, in a “What have you done for me lately” world, its not going to be enough — especially with the crazed fans pining for a team to come back having to deal with these growing pains.

That’s the problem right there. The fans. The Jets didn’t “come back.” Another team came and took their name. I don’t know if the team wants to get over having been the Thrashers. I really don’t see why they would. But the fans (seem to) really want to forget that this is not their original Jets team, back from a long vacation. Good luck with that.

Maybe the thought of them still being the Thrashers would motivate them, but it seems that the minute the [sic] lose that mantra, something always brings them back down. […] the carry-over players Andrew Ladd, Evander Kane, Dustin Byfuglien, Ondrej Pavelec, et al. will have to do their best to exorcise the demons that haunt them from their short times in Hot-lanta.

I think you mean “short time.” It was a decade in Atlanta. Followed by a couple of seasons in Winnipeg. Why would those players want to forget their time in Atlanta anyway?

This is not a big unsolved mystery. It’s called cognitive dissonance. The fans have always wanted to pretend that the new Jets are the old Jets with the history of the old Jets. If they were really into the Jets, they would be fans of the Coyotes. Because the Coyotes are the old Jets. The new Jets are the Thrashers.

I think I handled this topic much better in the post, “ASK QUISP: ‘Can I be married to someone so unwilling to compromise?'”


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  1. March 5, 2013 at 6:40 AM

    It’s notable that there is some partial precedence for the semi-insane line of thinking by Jets fans – namely, the Baltimore Ravens, who, in spite of being the Cleveland Browns, were treated as a new franchise by the NFL after they relocated. And the Browns, in spite of being an expansion team when they returned, got to keep all of their history and records. Hence


    I don’t get why this is so hard to figure out. The Jets are a 13-year-old franchise who played in Atlanta for 11 of those seasons. I mean, crap, I’m sure people associated Calgary with Atlanta when they pulled the same trick off in the 80s – of course, they also kept the nickname.

    • March 5, 2013 at 11:31 AM

      I understand and have a certain amount of empathy for the folks who are so narcissistic that they more or less insist that the team they root for is the same team they always rooted for (and people revise their histories with regards to beliefs, relationships, jobs, etc., all the time). But I don’t have to play along with their fantasy. I think most of the reason for people making these claims is that they take silence on the part of the listener/reader as validation, as opposed to “you’re crazy but I’m not going to say anything.”

      • March 6, 2013 at 8:49 AM

        Like I said, the line of thinking by Jets fans isn’t completely unprecedented, but it has to be specifically set up by the league. Since the Coyotes were allowed to bolt town with the Jets’ franchise history intact, it would be impossible to have two separate teams claiming the same history.

        • March 6, 2013 at 9:14 AM

          And yet…

          • March 6, 2013 at 7:39 PM

            Listen, I’ve been TRYING not to come off as a stereotypical stuck-up Torontonian making fun of the poor occupants of Manitoba, okay? LEAVE ME IN PEACE BEFORE I MAKE A JOKE I WILL REGRET. :(

  2. Uni
    March 5, 2013 at 10:59 AM

    What an awesomely horrendous article! Thank you for bashing it, Quisp. Very fun read!

    I just love the idea of people in the stands bickering and treating the memory of Thrashers like every player on it completely dematerialized when the team moved to Winnipeg, and a whole new team shot out the other end of a wormhole good as new save for a nasty identity crisis they picked up from another dimension where Atlanta still has a hockey team.

    “And why are they always playing teams from the Southeast? It’ not like they’re not the freaking Thrashers!”

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