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Ducks and Wild demonstrate why the loser point is bad

  • I’m watching the Ducks/Wild game.
  • I do not like the Ducks. I always root against the Ducks. 
  • However, at this point in this season, it’s better for the Kings if the Wild lose. Because the Wild are more of a threat to the Kings’ playoff chances. The Ducks are currently out of reach.
  • For that reason, as I watch the game, I am not bothered all that much by the fact that Anaheim jumps out to a 3-0 lead. It’s annoying, because I don’t like the Ducks and hate to see them succeed. But it’s gratifying, because the Wild losing helps the Kings.

Jay Feaster is right and you are wrong

We started the day with the post “I don’t think Ryan O’Reilly can play in the NHL this season,” and then followed with “Why I’m Wrong and Everyone is … Also Wrong.” Now, Jay Feaster has spoken, and people have written on the topic of his speaking. And I was all set to write a…

Why I’m wrong and everyone is…also wrong

Earlier today, Sportsnet reported that Ryan O’Reilly would have had to clear waivers had he gone to Calgary. I wrote a post saying that my understanding of the CBA was that if indeed O’Reilly had played in the KHL after 1/19, then he would have to clear waivers to play in the NHL. On Twitter,…