Schedule weirdness in the West

  • The Ducks have a three game series with the Stars next week (yes, three games, Monday, Wednesday, Friday).
  • The Black Hawks play three of their next four and four of their next nine games against Nashville.
  • Starting this weekend, Colorado alternates between playing Nashville and Detroit for four games.
  • Eight of Columbus’s remaining 15 games are back-to-back pairs, all in different towns, all but one on the road.
  • Dallas has 15 games left, and 9 of them are against the Ducks, Kings and Sharks (3 each).
  • Edmonton has 9 games remaining against the Ducks, Flames and Canucks (3 each).
  • The Coyotes only have one back-to-back pair left.
  • Regular season is over in a month.

  2 comments for “Schedule weirdness in the West

  1. kings4queens
    March 27, 2013 at 3:07 AM

    Of course the Ducks would get to play the Stars post Morrow. In my opinion, the Ducks this season are more lucky than good.

    Quisp, do you see any glaring advantages in this schedule? Obviously, Colorado has a brutal schedule, and the Yotes have it pretty easy. Otherwise, these teams match up often and regardless of where they are in the standings any of these teams could beat the other depending on the circumstances, like breaks, bounces and refereeing (too lazy to look up the spelling).

    • March 27, 2013 at 9:40 AM

      Refereeing works for me.

      I don’t really see any big advantages, at least not for teams I’m worried about. The Avs are probably doomed no matter who they play (unless they’re planning on closing out the season no worse than 12-4). All those back-to-backs are not good for Columbus. At this point, the Ducks losing (as much fun as that is for us) is bad for our playoff prospects. It’s better if the Hawks and Ducks beat everyone and the rest of the teams play around .500. I digress.

      It’s still the case that a team that gets hot can make it and a team that hits a bad patch (except ANA and CHI) can fall out.

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