Sunday: Points-blown and other stats

  • Last season, with 21 games left, the Kings were in 10th place, with a record of 27-22-12. Anaheim was 13th (26-25-10). Detroit was 1st (41-18-3).
  • Chicago leads the conference in regulation wins, with 15. The Kings and Ducks are second, with 14 each.
  • A glaring difference between Chicago and Anaheim, on one hand, and the Kings, on the other, is that Chicago and Anaheim have lost 2 and 3 games (respectively) in regulation, while the Kings have lost 10. And:
  • Chicago and Anaheim have played 11 and 10 OT/SO games (respectively), while the Kings have played 3.
  • The Kings have played more games that have ended in a regulation win or loss (24) than anyone else in the West. The average is 19.
  • Points-earned in OT/SO: Chicago, 19; Anaheim, 16; Kings, 4.
  • The Kings are 3rd in the conference in two important tie-breakers, ROW and goal-differential.
  • Columbus’s hot streak notwithstanding, the Jackets are still last in points-blown.
  • Eight points-blown separate 3rd from 15th. So the best outcome for the Kings is still for the Kings, Chicago and Anaheim (blegh!) to win, and everyone else to lose.
  • This year’s team appears to have swapped their PP and PK rankings from the past few years. PP is ranked 11th; PK is 21st.
  • The Kings are 18th in first period goals, 9th in second period goals, and 4th in third period goals.
  • Jarret Stoll, still last on the team in QUALCOMP.
  • Jake Muzzin leads the team in +-/60.
  • Muzzin leads all rookies in +/-, at +12.
  • Muzzin is 7th in rookie goals; 1st (tied with Justin Schultz) among rookie defensemen; 10th in rookie points overall.
  • Dustin Brown is 4th in the league in penalties drawn (PDRAW/60), and two goals behinds the league leader in power-play goals.
  • Jonathan Bernier is 3rd in the league in 5on5 GA/60, behind Corey Crawford and Craig Anderson. 5th in the league in GAA overall.
  • Keaton Ellerby leads the Kings in blocked shots per 60 minutes.
  • Thomas Hickey leads the Islanders in plus/minus.

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  1. J. Stevens
    March 17, 2013 at 9:31 PM

    Just want to point out that LA is done playing NSH this season.

    • March 18, 2013 at 3:53 AM

      Funny, I JUST noticed that error tonight and thought — eh I’ll fix it tomorrow, if no one has noticed yet…

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