Daily Archives: April 20, 2013

Dare to dream: can the Kings catch the Ducks?

  • The idea of the Kings winning the Pacific had been so far-fetched even a couple of weeks ago that I put it almost entirely out of my mind.
  • Today I see that the Kings are just five points behind.
  • Each team has four games left.
  • If the Ducks win out, they will have 68 points. If the Kings win out, they will have 63 points.
  • The Kings play DAL, DET, MIN and SJS. The Ducks play EDM, EDM, VAN and PHX.
  • The Kings are currently up by two ROWs, the first tie-breaker.
  • If they end up tied in points and ROWs, the Kings won the season series, so the Kings would advance.

Last season to this season — who got better, who got worse

Better (in descending order, from best down): CHI, ANA, CBJ, MIN, LAK, SJS, EDM. Worse (still descending, from bad to worse): DAL, STL, VAN, DET, PHX, CGY, COL, NAS. I added a couple of columns to the points-blown standings below. (If it’s not below, click on the points-blown link, either in this sentence, or in…