Big Night in the West

  • DAL@CHI — The Stars need to go 4-2-1 to get to 54 points. They are tied with the Jackets in official points, and are two points-blown ahead. 
  • VAN@NAS — A Canucks loss would drop them into a points-blown tie with the Kings. The Kings and Canucks are already tied in official points.
  • CBJ@COL — Colorado has been spoiling a lot of people’s fun lately. It’s the Jackets’ turn now. Every game is a must-win for the Jackets, but a loss tonight would mean they would have to go 4-0-1 in their last five games to get to 54.
  • MIN@CGY — A Wild loss tonight would drop them down into the DET-DAL-CBJ-PHX dogfight for the last playoff spot. In fact, it would put the 7th spot officially in play.
  • SJS@PHX — The Sharks are duking it out with the Kings, Blues and Wild. The Coyotes can only afford one more loss. This is the one game of tonight’s five which is meaningful to both teams. It’s a playoff game, really.

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