Monday morning bullets: playoffs, points-blown, rookie stats

  • Points-Blown page is updated, and shows:
  • Columbus is much worse off than the official standings (and pundits) would have you believe.
  • St. Louis is better off than the official standings say.
  • This has mostly to do with the fact that Columbus has only 12 games left, and St. Louis has 15. Everyone else who is still in contention has 13 or 14 games left.
  • Tie-breaker news: Kings are second in ROWs, behind Chicago, and third in goal-differential, behind Chicago and Anaheim.
  • Kings are best in the West in regulation wins, with 19.
  • Last night’s win over Dallas, brings the season series even, with two games remaining.
  • Kings have two games left against each of Anaheim, Minnesota, San Jose and Dallas.
  • Season series against each of those four teams is tied.
  • All the remaining games are important, but those eight games will hugely affect who makes the playoffs and who doesn’t. Splitting each of those mini “series” would be okay, but getting swept could be deadly.
  • For most of the season, NHL games have been worth 2.30-2.31 points on average (that is, every third game goes to OT or SO). I noticed lately though that the average has dropped to 2.27 (closer to one game in four going to OT in SO). Since that’s the average for the whole season, that means the number for recent games has been much closer to 2 points. In other words, those Bettman points are getting harder and harder to come by.
  • Jonathan Bernier is second in the league in GAA, at 1.95.
  • Jeff Carter leads the league in game-winning goals, with 6.
  • Brian Boyle is 7th in the league in face-off percentage, at 57.8%.
  • Jarret Stoll is 16th, at 54.8%.
  • Anze Kopitar is 22nd, at 53.6%
  • Former Monarchs in NHL rookie scoring: Jake Muzzin, 13th (14 points); Rich Clune, 23rd (8 points); Tyler Toffoli, 42nd (5 points); Thomas Hickey, 59th (3 points).
  • Muzzin is 1st in rookie plus/minus.
  • Toffoli is 2nd in rookie points-per-game, among rookies with more than 5 games.
  • Clune is 3rd in rookie hits, Muzzin 13th, our old friend Radko Gudas (now playing in Tampa) is 17th.
  • Muzzin is 6th in rookie time-on-ice.
  • Drew Doughty is 4th in the league overall, in TOI.
  • Jeff Carter is 3rd in the league in 5-on-5 goals per 60 minutes of ice time. Andrei Loktionov is 6th.
  • Hickey is the top defenseman on the Islanders in goals-against per 60 minutes (GA/60).
  • Muzzin, Alec Martinez, Davis Drewiske and Keaton Ellerby are all in the top 15 defensemen in GA/60, league-wide.
  • The playoff threshold in the West is holding firm at 54 points (better than 90% for most teams).

  3 comments for “Monday morning bullets: playoffs, points-blown, rookie stats

  1. April 1, 2013 at 12:59 PM

    And yet, one of the trade rumors reported on SBNation is that Columbus is looking to deal one of its 1st rounders in the next draft for a scoring forward, presumably to make a run at that last playoff spot. Is this foolishness or, as Lombardi used to talk about, a reward to the present group of players for sticking to it and not giving up on the season?

  2. USHA#17
    April 1, 2013 at 8:26 PM

    And just as things were settling along comes Rheger. W, T, F? Only one waiver free player of which I am aware. Really enjoyed Toffoli’s fundamentals… Always facing the play with a stick on the ic. Getting on the back check. That release…wow!

    Two second round picks may not be the end of the world but using them to bring in a down-sider might be.

    • April 1, 2013 at 9:02 PM

      Yeah, I’m not enthused about this deal. I can see Regher as a veteran insurance policy for the defense. But two 2nd rounders seems like too steep a price, considering that the current brain trust has in the past used 2nd rounders to bring in the likes of Voynov and Toffoli.

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