My God, it’s beautiful!

BH3QshaCQAAZs2y.jpg_largeI swear I had this idea for beer league jerseys about 15 years ago, but no one else wanted to do it. I want one. Are they going to sell them?

  • jsalsLA

    i believe they are selling them – but only the player worn ones. which won’t be cheap.

  • Kings of Hockeywood

    I think they should have been Dodger-style Kings jerseys instead of just Dodgers hockey jerseys. What I mean is if it said “Kings” in the Dodger lettering and had the Dodgers’ famous “LA” logo with the Kings’ font on the shoulder, to me that would have been a Kings souvenir. This is a Dodgers souvenir.

    • Bob Knob

      This is a decent idea for a 3rd/4th/special jersey imo. Who’s good at photoshop? I would like to see it.

      • Ironsight|Design


        • Bob Knob