Playoff picture coming into focus

  • The Kings can finish no lower than 6th, and still have a tiny shot at winning the division.
  • If the Ducks finish no better than 0-2-1 and the Kings win out, the Kings win the division and take 2nd.
  • Therefore, it’s all but certain the Kings will finish 4th or 5th…
  • …with a sliver of a chance of finishing 2nd or 6th.
  • First round opponent is all but certain (95%) to be San Jose or St. Louis (equally likely).
  • There’s a 5% chance of playing Vancouver or Minnesota.
  • Oh, and Dallas won the season series. Whatever.
  • Don’t forget to sort by DIFF. It’s awesome.

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  1. April 22, 2013 at 2:58 PM

    Of the Sharks, Blues, Canucks and Wild, whom would you rather the Kings drew in Round 1?

    I’m tempted to hope for the Blues, at the risk of defying the old caution about how past performance does not guarantee future results. The Kings still seem to have their number. Same with the Sharks, as long as the Kings get home-ice advantage. The home-road split seems to be important with regard to the Sharks.

    But a part of me also wants the Canucks, just for the pleasure of seeing their fans melt down again when the Kings beat ‘em. :-D

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