Post Game Bullets

  • Ok, Fox Sports dumbasses, the Kings did not “split” the season series with the Ducks. The Kings WON THE SEASON SERIES. Why? Because the Kings won 2, lost 1 and lost 1 in a shoot-out. That’s 2-1-1, 5 points for the Kings, 4 for the Ducks. Kings win by a point.
  • Kings have won the season series against ANA, STL, CGY, and EDM.
  • Kings have lost the season series against COL and VAN.
  • Kings tied series with PHX, NAS and CHI.
  • Kings are up by 2 with one game left against each of DET, MIN and CBJ.
  • Kings are down by 2 with one game left against DAL.
  • Kings are tied with the Sharks, with 2 games left.

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