Pre-post-season thoughts

  • The Kings finished ahead of San Jose in the standings for the first time since 2003, the end of the season in which Dean Lombardi was fired as Sharks GM.
  • The Kings were second in the conference in regulation wins, with 24, one win behind Chicago.
  • The Kings finished the season tied in points with Vancouver. Were the two teams in the same division, the Kings would have won the tie-breaker (ROWs). As it stands, Vancouver has the 3rd seed, the Kings 5th.
  • The Kings finished 7 points behind the Ducks, but only allowed 2 more points-against (see “PA” column in points-blown standings). That is, the Ducks and Kings were equivalently difficult for opposing teams to earn points against. The Ducks handed out more OT/SO points.
  • Compared to the previous season, the Ducks were the most improved team in the West (see “DIFF” column in points-blown standings), followed by the Hawks, Jackets, Wild, Kings, Oilers and Sharks.
  • Everyone else got worse.

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