Saturday nightcap

  • Kings win the season series vs the Oilers
  • Kings are 4th in the official standings…
  • …but still 5th in points-blown.
  • Calgary lost tonight. The best they can do is 52 points, if they win out 11-0-0.
  • The Preds lost, also. 8-1-0 gets them to 54 points. So they’re all but done.
  • If Detroit holds it together these last ten games, the playoff chances of the four teams clawing and scratching below them — DAL, EDM, CBJ and NAS — are more or less zero.
  • Tomorrow: Wings/Blues, Stars/Sharks, Wild/Jackets, Preds/Hawks, Kings/Ducks.
  • The Kings are 1-1 against the Ducks this season, with two games left.
  • The Kings aren’t catching the Ducks, though. And that’s fine.

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