Sunday nightcap: The Good, The Bad…

  • THE GOOD: Kings half-win, Sharks half-lose, Jackets lose, Preds lose.
  • THE BAD: Ducks win, Blues win, Wild wins, Stars win, Stars handing out Bettman points.
  • Kings drop into a three-way points-blown tie with the Blues and Wild, one PB behind the Sharks. 
  • Nashville’s loss today more or less dooms them. If they finish 8-0-0 they can still get to 54 points.
  • Of the four teams — PHX, DAL, EDM, and CBJ — that need to win 7 of their last 9 or 10 games, CBJ has the steepest uphill climb. Yes, they could go 7-1-1. But…
  • I think DET will be be able to manage 5-3-1 to close out the season, which should lock up the 8th spot.
  • I like the PA (points-against) column below: the Kings have only coughed up 35 points to other teams this season. That’s 2 behind the Ducks (33) and 8 behind the Hawks (27). I believe this to be an accurate measure of a team’s real quality.

  2 comments for “Sunday nightcap: The Good, The Bad…

  1. Kings of Hockeywood
    April 7, 2013 at 10:10 PM

    I now agree the Kings’ best hope is 4th in the conference. There’s virtually no way to make up 11 points in 9 games. But hopefully they hold onto 4th!

    • April 7, 2013 at 11:18 PM

      I don’t care about finishing 1-3. Since they won the cup, though, they are much better at home…so fourth would be good.

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