The Blue Jackets’ chances of making the playoffs are HAHAHAHAHA

[In the time it took me to write this post, tonight’s games played out, and Columbus dropped to 10th in the West.]

I understand that the Columbus Blue Jackets not sucking is a major feel-good story. I get that people on TV have to have something to talk about. And I can see that the Blue Jackets have scratched and clawed their way up to 8th in the official standings. Here’s the problem:

Games Played

  • The Blue Jackets have played more games than every other team in the West.
  • They have played three more games than the Blues, who are one point behind the Jackets in the official standings.
  • (The Blues are five points-blown ahead of the Jackets in the points-blown standings, which is why there are points-blown standings in the first place.)
  • They have played two more games than both Dallas and Edmonton, both of whom are two points behind Columbus in the official standings, but two points-blown ahead of Columbus in my standings.
  • If you look just at the official point totals, the Jackets are within three points of sixth place San Jose. But San Jose is ahead of them by seven points-blown.
  • Detroit, Nashville and Phoenix have a measly game in hand over the Jackets.
  • Even Calgary — currently 13th in my standings and 14th in the official standings — has three games in hand over the Jackets. The official standings have the Jackets up by seven points. In points-blown, they’re up by one point.
  • All of the above is the reason the official standings have the Jackets in 8th while I have them in 12th, one point-blown ahead of two teams — one point from 14th.

First tie-breaker: ROWs (regulation or OT wins)

Let’s pretend the Jackets end up tied with one or more of the nine teams fighting for the last three playoff spots. The first tie-breaker is ROWs. How are the Jackets doing by this metric?

They’re dead last in the West. And they’re a whopping four ROWs behind Detroit, St. Louis and Dallas — which means that unless Columbus can somehow make up four ROWs in 12 games, they’re not going to win any tie-breakers against those teams. And those are the three teams currently surrounding them in the standings. So — you know — that’s bad for them.

Second tie-breaker: head-to-head (season series)

Okay, but maybe the Jackets will fare better in the second tie-breaker, assuming of course they survive the first. Let’s look.

  • Detroit — Columbus won this season series, so if they are lucky enough to (1) tie the Wings in points, and (2) catch up to the Wings in ROWs, then they’re in like Flynn. But they’re not going to win four more ROWs than the Wings over 12 games unless the Wings suffer a historic collapse.
  • St. Louis — they’re not going to end up tied with St. Louis, because St. Louis has three games in hand, and even if they tie them in points they would have to manage four more ROWs in 12 games than St. Louis manages in 15 games, which is simply not possible unless St. Louis has an even more catastrophic collapse than Detroit would have to have. (And, remember, the Jackets may have to get past both Detroit and St. Louis to get in.) But if those several miracles occur, and we actually arrive at the season series tie-breaker: the Jackets are currently down 4 points to the Blues, with two games remaining in the series. So, no, even if they manage to sweep the Blues the rest of the way, the best they can do is send it to the next tie-breaker (see goal-differential below).
  • Dallas — sadly, the Jackets would also have to make up four ROWs against the Stars (and the Stars have two games in hand). But let’s pretend that happens: in the season series, the Jackets won the first game and lost the second in OT. Except the win doesn’t count, so according to the rules the Jackets are down by a point, with one game left. Could work out for them.
  • Edmonton — the Oilers are two points ahead of the Jackets in PB, and have two games in hand. The Oilers only have a one ROW lead on the Jackets, so that’s doable. The season series? Jackets have already lost it.
  • Nashville — the Preds and Jackets are tied in PB, and the Preds are only one ROW ahead and only have one game in hand. In the season series, the teams are even, with two games left.
  • Phoenix — the Jackets had better hope they prevail in ROWs (they’re currently tied), because they lost the season series already.
  • Calgary — the Flames are only one PB behind, with three games in hand, and a lead of two ROWs. The Jackets won the season series though.

Third tie-breaker: goal-differential

The Jackets are 13th in the conference in GD (ahead of Calgary and Colorado), but they ought to be able to catch all the teams they’re chasing — I assume they would if they managed the Herculean feat of winning nearly all of their remaining games — with the exception of three teams. They are nine goals behind the Wings, and eleven behind the Sharks and Blues.


The Jackets have two games against each of San Jose, Nashville, Minnesota and St. Louis, and one game against each of the Kings, Ducks, Avs and Stars.

That’s eight games against teams with whom the Jackets are in direct competition (San Jose, St. Louis, Nashville, L.A. and Dallas). Three games against even tougher opponents (Ducks, Wild, Wild), and one “easy” game against the Avs.

To get to 54 points, the Jackets would have to finish the season 8-3-1. That’s a rougher road than every other team still fighting for a spot, except for Nashville (9-3-1) and Calgary (12-3-0).

They also have three back-to-back nights, the second games of which are in Minnesota, Los Angeles and St. Louis. That’s brutal. I think they win one of those if they’re lucky. So they would have to go 7-1-1 in the rest of their games.

Oh, and they finish the season against, in order: Anaheim, L.A. San Jose, Dallas and Nashville.

Conclusion gives the Jackets a 72% chance of making the playoffs if they get to 54 points (8-3-1 record from here on). 9-3-0 (55 points) would get them over 90%. At 53 points, their odds are about 50%. At 52, about 20%. At 51, about 7%.

But the main issue is this: which of Detroit, St. Louis or San Jose is Columbus going to dislodge? Because it has to be one of them. And they have to fend off Edmonton, Nashville, Dallas and Phoenix.

The Jackets might be able to jump past the Oilers, Preds, Stars and Yotes. But anyone who thinks the Jackets are going to leap past either the Wings, the Blues, or the Sharks, is dreaming.


  6 comments for “The Blue Jackets’ chances of making the playoffs are HAHAHAHAHA

  1. Kings of Hockeywood
    April 2, 2013 at 12:03 AM

    This feels like picking on the kid in the wheelchair for trying to walk. Nobody expected Columbus to finish anywhere other than the league cellar. The fact that they have persevered and been a very competitive team this season (even if they’re not winning a lot in regulation, they are getting points, and against good teams). I for one think they should be commended for fighting through everything and not being push-overs. Of course, they’re not really going to make the playoffs, but people laughed at the Kings last season when they limped into the playoffs as an 8th seed, and look what happened there.

    • April 2, 2013 at 2:41 AM

      It has nothing to do with Columbus. It has to do with the experts who are discussing Columbus’s amazing rise, when in fact the actual story is just that they aren’t as bad off as Colorado or Calgary. Which is to say, it’s a post about how people look at the standings.

      I have nothing against Columbus as a team. It would be great actually if they were to sneak into the playoffs and play Chicago or Anaheim (especially Anaheim). I would be rooting for them.

      But it’s not going to happen.

  2. April 2, 2013 at 3:31 PM

    Well, with Dallas trading away Roy and Jagr, so much for them. And considering the Jackets weren’t even supposed to be talked about as play-off contenders, we here in Columbus will be overjoyed if they do just miss the play-offs. On the other hand, no one on the team is actually having a career year (No, I’m not going to count Bobrovsky because the potential to do exactly what he’s done was already there. The Flyers, quite simply, f*cked up.) and they keep finding ways to win. So, I’m not quite ready to count them out. Is the road rough? Oh, yes. Can the Jackets find a way to get into the play-offs? Quite possibly. If not…. Well, it’s been a heck of a ride!

    • April 2, 2013 at 7:48 PM

      My post came off as inadvertently anti-Columbus, when I really meant to be anti-poor reading comprehension by pundits.

      It’s certainly true that the Blue Jackets have a shot at making the playoffs. If I were a Jackets fan I would comfort myself with the thought that their chances are only a game or two worse than about a half dozen other teams.

      The story the pundits should have been reporting is how tight everything is. But of course that’s boring. It’s been the case for several seasons.

      If the Jackets were to make it, I wouldn’t want to be Chicago or whomever they draw in the first round.

  3. April 4, 2013 at 6:55 AM

    Any thoughts on Regehr? I remember when the Willie trade happened there more than a number of Canucks fans congratulating us on the get (at least I saw a few comments in that regard). … but this time I’ve read more than a fair share of pundits with an overall summary of “well .. maybe he’ll get it together in LA…”

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