First all black-pants final four in NHL history

Try adding that to your broadcast, NBC.

UPDATE: Okay, so I’m an idiot. The Avalanche have black pants, so 2000 (Avs-Devils-Stars-Flyers) was also all black-pants. Tampa had a big swath of blue in their pants in 2004, so I cross them off the list.

Not that I meant for this to be a serious stat…

  • m_and_m

    I’ll be wearing my floral hip huggers.

  • OneTimer

    Hmmm… I hate to question you Quisp, because well, … I hate to question you. But going off your list from yesterday, pretty certain we had all-blacks in 2000? And again in 2004 (as CGY had changed out of red by then.)

    • Quisp

      Oh hell. You might be right. I was thinking Tampa was dark dark blue. I guess I never really thought about the Avs pants one way or another.