Game 6: Kings’ best, Sharks’ worst

As a franchise, the Kings are:

  • 17-25 in Game 1s
  • 18-24 in Game 2s
  • 15-24 in Game 3s
  • 10-26 in Game 4s
  • 16-12 in Game 5s
  • 13-6 in Game 6s
  • 3-4 in Game 7s

As a franchise, the Sharks are:

  • 15-15 in Game 1s
  • 12-18 in Game 2s
  • 19-11 in Game 3s
  • 16-14 in Game 4s
  • 12-15 in Game 5s
  • 4-14 in Game 6s
  • 5-2 in Game 7s

Other tidbits:

  • The Sharks are 1-6 in Game 6s at home.
  • Their last game 6 home win was also their first, against Calgary in 1995.
  • The Kings are 2-3 in Game 6s on the road.
  • Their last game 6 road win was in 1991, closing out Vancouver.
  • The Kings have not played a game six on the road since 1992.
  • In general, the Sharks have been their best in Game 3s and 4s (both of which they won in this series).
  • In general, the Kings have been their best in Game 5s (which they won in this series), and Game 6s (tonight).
  • In general, the Sharks have been much better than the Kings in Game 7s.

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