Game 7 stats, ctd.

Game 7 look-ahead: Plenty of stats out there to bolster Sharks hopes against Kings — or dash them | Working the Corners

[…] 16 NHL playoffs series […] have followed the pattern of this one with the home team winning every game leading up to the seventh. In that seventh game in those series, the road team is 8-8.

There also have been three Game 7s this post-season, with the visiting team winning two of them.

[…] 70 percent of the home teams have won during the playoffs

[…] 86 percent if you only consider the second round.

Those numbers […] are higher than at any time since the 1975-76 season.

[…] Scott Gomez has played in nine […] Game 7s and is 6-3 […] Brad Stuart has played in six and is 3-3. The Sharks will have seven people in the lineup who have played in at least two Game 7s; the Kings will have four.

I would have guessed Richards, Carter, Penner, Williams, Stoll, Greene, Scuderi and maybe Regehr had game seven experience. Is he right that there’s only four?

Oh, I see. He said “at least two” Game 7s. I should learn to read. Anyone care to figure out which four he means?


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  1. Flubber McGee
    May 27, 2013 at 12:59 PM

    Richards w/ Flyers:
    2011 vs Sabres
    2010 vs Bruins
    2008 vs Capitals

    Carter w/ Flyers:
    2008 vs Capitals
    (Didn’t play in the 2011 and 2010 Game 7s)

    Penner w/ Ducks:
    2006 vs Flames

    Regehr w/ Flames:
    2004 vs Canucks and Lightning
    2006 vs Ducks
    2008 vs Sharks

    Williams w/ Flyers:
    2003 vs Maple Leafs
    w/ Hurricanes:
    2006 vs Sabres and Oilers

    Stoll w/ Oilers:
    2006 vs Hurricanes

    Greene w/ Oilers:
    2006 vs Hurricanes

    Scuderi w/ Penguins:
    2009 vs Capitals and Red Wings

    So, four have played in more than one. Consider, though, that aside from Richardson, Ellerby, and Fraser the rest of the roster is made up of Kings draftees.

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