Kings v Sharks Game 4 Pre-Game Bullets

  • Kings are 5-3 in series in which they are up 2-1 going into game 4.
  • The last time the Kings were up 2-1, it was the Canucks series three years ago.
  • Sharks are 3-8 in series in which they are down 2-1 going into game 4.
  • Kings are 40-70 on the road in the playoffs.
  • Sharks are 44-38 at home in the playoffs.
  • Kings are 10-25 in game fours.
  • Kings beat the Blues in game 4 this year and last year. They beat Detroit in game 4 in 2001. Beyond those three wins, you have to go back to 1993 to find another game four win.
  • Sharks are 15-14 in game fours.
  • Aside from game one against San Jose (2-0, Kings), every Kings playoff game in 2013 has been decided by one goal.
  • Kings won the Stanley Cup last year.

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