Raffi Torres hit on Jarret Stoll is (literally) borderline

I have yet to see an illuminating video of the hit. There’s the play as shown in real time, where it appears the puck is in the vicinity of Stoll, but I couldn’t tell you if he had possession of the puck or not. There’s the replay as shown on NBC, which doesn’t show the puck at all, but to my eye indicates that the check was shoulder on shoulder and that if anything Stoll’s and Torres’s heads might have knocked after the initial contact. My guess is that, if Stoll is concussed, it’s from whiplash as a result of the initial shoulder contact. The best rationale for suspension, if you ask me, is the blind-side hit rule, since Stoll was in a compromising position and had no idea the hit was coming. However, that rule requires that the principal point of contact be the head, and I just can’t tell if it was.

If Torres gets Shanabanned, I think it’s his reputation working against him. Unless the league has another angle that clearly shows Stoll’s head as the principal.