Tails, tails, heads.

You flip a coin three times, and there are eight different sequences of possible outcomes. One results in all heads (3-0). One results in all tails (0-3). The other six result in 2 of one and 1 of the other.

  • Heads, heads, heads.
  • Heads, heads, tails.
  • Heads, tails, heads.
  • Heads, tails, tails.
  • Tails, heads, heads.
  • Tails, heads, tails.
  • Tails, tails, heads.
  • Tails, tails, tails.
  • OneTimer

    Woke up happy today with our Heads, heads, tails.

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    3 guesses as to who said this today: “I don’t think either team has had much momentum in this series. It’s how close it is. It’s basically a one-goal, one-shot kind of deal, right? You know what? The players are confident on both teams, so you just kind of go shift-to-shift.”

  • Percentages

    So you are saying we were bound to be where we are. But you forgot to factor in when the coin lands on its edge…mauhaha!

  • USHA#17

    Faceoffs, 7th D, Coaching and quite a bit open net luck…