2013 NHL CBA 10.2-10.4: Qualifying Offers, Offer Sheets, Compensation

Yesterday (I think it was yesterday), we looked at which Kings RFAs have arbitration rights this summer, with a brief tour of the CBA language (Article 12) on the topic. A pdf of the actual CBA should always be the go-to resource for anyone wanting to see all the legalese I have chopped out and simplified. But I think it’s useful to attempt to boil this stuff down. Today, we look at qualifying offers, offer sheets, and draft pick compensation.

10.2 Restricted Free Agents

(a) [a.k.a.] Group 2 Players [a.k.a. “RFAs”] […].


(A) […] Any [RFA can] negotiate and […] sign an SPC with any Club, and any Club [can] negotiate and sign an SPC with any [RFA] […].

[A player is eligible for RFA status according to this chart.] [“Age”] means a Player’s age on September 15 of the calendar year in which he signs [his first] SPC […].

An SPC is a contract. “Standard player contract.” I know you all know that, but I’m trying to be thorough and idiot-proof.

SPC Signing Age Group 2 (RFA) after:
18 – 21 3 years professional experience
22 – 23 2 years professional experience
24 or older 1 year professional experience
[A] Player aged 18 or 19 earns a year of professional experience by playing ten […] NHL Games in a [season], and a Player aged 20 or older […] earns a year of professional experience by playing ten […] Professional Games […] in a [season].

As with Article 12, NHL games means NHL games, and “Professional” games means NHL, AHL, and any other pro league games.

(B) [If an RFA] or a Club requests salary arbitration, [per] Article 12, such Player [cannot] negotiate with any [other] Club […] or sign an Offer Sheet […] except as provided in Sections 12.3(a) and 12.10.

12.3(a) says that players who made $1.75MM or more the previous season and who are being taken to Club-elected  (but not player-elected) arbitration, can still sign an offer sheet up until July 5.

12.10 lays out the general guidelines for eligibility for salary arbitration.

(ii) In order to receive a Right of First Refusal or Draft Choice Compensation, the […] Club [must make qualifying offer by] 5:00 p.m. [Eastern time, all times in the CBA are Eastern…] on the later of June 25 or the first Monday after the Entry Draft […].

In 2013, the draft takes place on June 30. The following Monday is July 1.

[A] “Qualifying Offer” [is] an offer of [a contract], for one [season], which is subject to salary arbitration if such Player is otherwise eligible for [it, per] Section 12.1, on [these] conditions:

Next up…I have no idea. If you have any good CBA-related ideas, please advise. Otherwise, I’ll probably continue in free-agent land…