Game 1 post-game Game 2 pre-game bullets

  • Marian Hossa, Patrick Sharp and Justin Williams: three clutch players.
  • That was one of those “tails, heads, heads” games, like in the St. Louis series. Very, very close, with a razor thin margin for error.
  • Dave Bolland hit on Mike Richards? I can see the argument both ways. But I didn’t think it was outrageous, and I’m not surprised there’s no suspension.
  • Richards really needs to be okay, though.
  • Jonathan Quick is playing like Conn Smythe Quick, not Back Surgery Quick.
  • I actually saw the NHL Network chuckleheads ruminating on the possibility that Jamie Kompon is the Hawks’ secret weapon (he knows all the Kings’ tricks…).
  • I don’t see how Willie Mitchell comes back, with Robyn Regehr signing for two more years. Four of our starting D can’t be Regehr, Mitchell, Scuderi and Greene. Too old, too slow.
  • Tonight would be a good time for Cartermania. I just made up that term. Cartermania.

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  1. Kings of Hockeywood
    June 2, 2013 at 2:06 PM

    A lot of people seemed to think the Hawks dominated the Kings in that game. I completely disagree. They outplayed the Kings for most of it, but it was by a narrow margin. The truth is, neither team looked particularly good. There were only a handful of good scoring chances for both teams; the Hawks scored on their best one with their 1st goal, the Kings got stoned on a couple of doorstep plays that could have turned the game around. I don’t remember Quick being called upon to make a single spectacular save like he has done in the previous two series. Kane, Toews, and Sharp had pretty much zero in the way of scoring chances. Same goes for the Kings’ top players. In fact, even Hossa’s and Williams’s goal weren’t scoring chances, they were deflected pucks that beat the goalies.

    I suspect the Kings will make a couple of game plan adjustments and insert Toffoli into the lineup and that should be a big deal (especially if he is there in place of King who has been downright awful).

    Start crashing the net with the puck and be more assertive about taking shots and the Kings can defeat Chicago without question.

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